Conference Presentations

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Cramer, M. "Would you like an account with that? A case study of account creation user interfaces" (Poster) Information Architecture Summit, 2014

Peer Reviewed Conference Papers

Cramer, M., Hirano, S.H., Tentori, M., Yeganyan, M.T., & Hayes, G.R. Classroom-Based Assistive Technology: Collective Use of Interactive Visual Schedules by Students with Autism In Proceedings of the 2011 Annual Conference on Human factors in Computing Systems (CHI '11). Vancouver, BC, Canada. May 7-12, 2011. 1-10.

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Book Chapter & Journal Article

Cramer, M. & Hayes, G.R. Acceptable Use in the Age of Connected Youth: How Risks, Policies, and Promises of the Future Impact Student Access to Mobile Phones and Social Media in Schools. IEEE Pervasive Computing. Volume 9(3), July-September 2010, 37-44.

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