Articulab and STAR

In 2006, a recent grad of Northwestern University, Meg joined Justine Cassell's Articulab where she began her academic pursuit of researching and designing for youth and education. She had the opportunity to research and write on the topic of youth and online participation and for the burgeoning Digital Media and Learning community. She continued to be involved with the DML during her graduate work at UC Irvine.

In graduate school at U.C. Irvine, Meg joined STAR, the Social and Technology Action Research group. In her first year, she worked with Professor Gillian Hayes, a team of graduate students and community education partners to build and deploy vSked, a visual scheduling programming for students with autism. She presented on classroom-based assistive technology at CHI'11. Meg continued to pursue design research on ubiquitous computing solutions for classrooms as part of the the Informatics PhD program.